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National Title Game Oklahoma Vs. LSU @ The Rose Bowl

Maybe this would make the Rose Bowl happy in a playoff by getting to host the National Title game. The thing that is different between the hoops NCAA is that this game is that a football playoff most likely would not be a let down as most NCAA hoops title games go.

Oklahoma has been the best team in the country since losing that game to Texas Tech even though that loss was because of injuries to key players. This would be Bob Stoops 4 title game since he has been at OU. An interesting twist in this game is that Les Miles before he arrived to LSU was at Oklahoma State for a number of years and had some success against the Sooners.

This game is difficult to predict because both teams can score but both teams have a top tier offense so the game will come down to who can get a big play or turnovers to have a short field.

The way that LSU has lost games is due to a poor running defense, just look at their last loss to Arkansas where Darren McFadden ran all over the Tigers. With Oklahoma having Patrick Allen at RB look for him to have a strong game and lead the Sooners to another National Title.

I hope everyone enjoyed this and maybe one day we will have a month of football that is a playoff format!