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Round 2 Florida Vs. Ohio State @ Motor City Bowl

Readers might be thinking WHAT!! The Motor City Bowl for a playoff well the reason behind this is to give the higher seeds a break for doing so well in the season, and there is not really any bowl games in the area so Detroit was a logical choice. As an aside this system of rewarding higher teams with close games would help smaller bowls be more relevant during the playoffs, allow fans to travel and allow more bowls then the same few to host meaningful post season games.

Back to the game, this will be a rematch of last seasons BCS Title game that was a route in the favor of Florida 41-14. This game should be closer because Ohio State's defense is better this year and Florida's defense is not as good as last year due to the loss from graduation and the NFL.

Ohio State has yet to play an opponent of this style and effectiveness. They did play and lose to Illionis that plays a similar style of football to Florida but do not quite have the same effectiveness as the Gat0rs. The Buckeyes will come out ready to go after last years beat down, so look for them to try to control the ball more and slow the game down and keep Tim Tebow off of the field.

This may work for OSU in the first half, but eventually Florida will be able to spread out the Buckeye defense with multi looks and plays and will again prove that they are still better then Ohio State.