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12/15 Basketball Preview

(5-2) (5-3)

Huntsman Center 12PM MT TV:

Missouri State from the Missouri Valley Conference and has a solid record of 5-2 coming into the Huntsman Center. The Bears best win on the year is defeating Winthrop on the road, which happens to be their only road win on the year. As for the Utes they are 4-1 at home and has been very well at home. Missouri State has Deven Mitchell who scores nearly 17 points per game, yet only plays 27 minutes per game. They also have 3 others who score at least 9 points per game and have a good core of players who can score. The Bears do play stringent defense by averaging 8 steals per game, but their downfall is their turnovers which is 18 per game. When they play on the road they are averaging 21 turnovers to they will need to protect the ball to defeat the Utes. The Utes need Nevil to better his average which is 13 per game and this might be the game for the Australian to do this. The Bears biggest player is 6-8 Junior Wade Knapp who will be the primary defender will have his hands full. Look for the Utes to win by going through Luke Nevil to win this game.

(5-4) (5-5)

Bison Sports Arena 1PM CT TV:

CSU new Coach Tim Miles returns to coach against his former team in North Dakota State. Miles built that team up before he accepted the CSU job to try to turn this around. At home the Bison are 3-0 and are a very good team by defeating the opponents by an average of 36 points per game, and in saying that those opponents were Minot State, North Carolina Central, and Mayville State. As for the Rams when they go on the road they are 0-4 on true road sites and the closest loss they had on the road was a 12 point loss to Northern Colorado. This game seems to be a mismatch for the Rams as they are not good on the road and the Bison are so good at home. Expect NDSU to come out strong by playing against their former coach, and some players to watch for the Bison are their top two scorers who are Ben Woodside who averages 23 points per game and then there also is Brett Winkleman who scores 22 per game. Look for the Bison to run away with this game.

(6-3) (8-2)

The Pit 2PM MT TV:

This is one of the games that will help the conference and the Lobos RPI in the correct direction. This Texas Tech team has yet to win a road game this year and one of the losses was to Centenary who is from the Summit Conference, and then they now get to play New Mexico who has yet to lose at home. Some players to keep an eye on for Texas Tech is Martin Zeno who is their all around best player who goes for 16 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists. The only real difference between the two teams is that Tech has a main go to scorer while New Mexico has 3 players who score in low double figures. This will be a close game but look for New Mexico to pull this win out due to its home court advantage.

(4-4) (4-3)

Arena-Auditorium 3:30 PM MT TV: NONE

This game will also be decided by home court because the Cowboys play at over 7,000 feet and are just very good at home. Montana State does have a strong scorer who goes for 18 per game in Carlos Taylor. Montana State has not done to well this year by only being at 4-4 in this early season, and they have not won a game yet this year on the road so this will be a tough one. Look for Brandon Ewing to step it up against the Bobcats and lead the Cowboys to their 5th win on the year.

(5-6) #25 (8-2)

The Marriott Center 7PM MT TV:

The Cougars are looking to defend their 36 game home winning streak tonight. Pepperdine is from the West Coast Conference and is usually a mid level team in that conference that is always tough to play against. This year Pepperdine is just an average team how has been decent and that will not be able to get it done playing on the road at a ranked opponent. Pepperdine's does score a lot of points which is the norm for this team and the 5 starters average in double figures, but the team is not quite as efficient as BYU. Pepperdine averages 1.27 points per shot which is a difference of .1 less then BYU and while that does not seem like a lot but if you go through 100 shots per game when you include free throws the difference is 10 points a game. If Pepperdine can run the ball and get up a lot of shots then they might have a chance if the score gets in the 90's and keep it close. Expect for BYU to win this game quite easily and increase their winning streak.