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Round 2 Hawai'i vs. LSU @ The Sugar Bowl


In round 2 the games move from the teams home stadium and now play the next 3 rounds in bowl games. Also for round 2 the higher seeds are going to be protected by playing in a bowl game near their campus, so this game is going to be played at the Sugar Bowl for game one for round 2.

This game will have two outcomes, and one is that LSU will be able to score at will on the Hawai'i defense and then slow Colt Brennan and win by at least 3 touchdowns. Or Hawai'i will score at will by throwing for 70 times and wearing down the LSU secondary and keep the game in a shootout.

The game will be somewhere in between those two because Hawai'i will be able to score points and put up a ton of yards on the LSU defense, but LSU will get at least 2 picks. Then the Hawai'i defense will have limited success in this game in stopping LSU and their offense and just not have enough. Ultimately LSU will be able to win this game by at least 10 pointsbecause their offense is too good and will over power Hawai'i's defense.