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Round 1 Florida @ Missouri


This game features Heisman Trophy winner QB Tim Tebow of Florida and fellow Heisman Finalist in QB Chase Daniels from Missouri. Missouri gets the higher seed because they have less losses then Florida, but the Gators would be favored on the road in this game. Florida has so many weapons with Tebow and Percy Harvin who plays WR/RB and these two players are the leading rushers for the Gators. Missouri does have a chance if they can force the Gators to run the ball more by trying to slow down the Gator pass offense. This will be tough because the Gators spread the ball to many receivers and run the spread run option with multiple players as well. Missouri does have their TE's and throw the ball as well but this team is in the same neighborhood as the Sooners who the Tigers lost to this year twice. Look for the first lower seed to lose as the Gators win and make to round number 2.