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Norfolk State @ Air Force Academy Basketball Preview



Clune Arena 7PM MT TV:

Here is another team that no matter what will lower the Falcons and the league by playing Norflok State who are from the MEAC which is a low major league. Norfolk does have 3 solid players on their team in leading scorer Tony Murphy who scores 19 points per game and then there are Corey Lyons and Michael Deloach who combine for 26 points per game. Besides these players Norfolk does not have any other offensive threat. Air Force itself is not a high scoring team with only 2 players who average in double figures but they are more efficient where they score 1.35 points per shot compared to 1.15 for Norfolk State. That may not seem like a lot but in a typical Air Force game where they average 46 possessions per game and the difference of .2 PPS equals to a 9.2 point advantage for Air Force, and if this holds true Air Force should pull this game out at home.