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12/8 Basketball Preview Part 2

Here is the second part of the MWC preview for todays games.

#10 (7-1) #22 (7-1)

Energy Solutions Arena 2PM MT TV: BYU-TV

Before I get into the preview this game was to be put on Versus which most likely would be their best game all year with 2 ranked teams, but for some reason it was dropped and now is on BYU-TV that can be found on DirecTv 374 and Dish 9403. OK with that out of the way this game is a return game that was played in Michigan but at Auburn Hills last year, so technically these are neutral games but both games are played within 40 miles of the campus. BYU has all ready defeated a top 10 team in Louisville and played a close game to UNC both in Las Vegas. For Michigan State their only loss has been to the UCLA which was a close game, both teams are similar in who they have played with a similar strength of schedule and with their wins. This game is huge for BYU and to a lesser extent the conference by defeating another top 10 team and a chance to improve their RPI for a better seed come tournament time. The Spartans have some very good players especially in Raymar Morgan who is scoring 17 points and 7 boards per game as well as Drew Neitzel who is at 14 points per game. BYU has their trio in scoring in Trent Plaisted, Lee Cumard, and the Sophomore sensation Jonathon Tavernari who combine for 49 points per game and are their key players. Look for this game to come down to the play of Trent Plaisted and the Cougar defense. If this game was at the Marriott Center I would definitely favor the Cougs, but even thought his is essentially a home game it will be a close one and look for the Cougars to pull this one out.

(5-2) #18 (6-1)

Pape Jam, Rose Garden 3PM PT TV:

OK so I am making these last few real short, I will list of the players to watch for. Luke Nevill for the Utes and for Oregon Marty Leunen who is one of 5 players who average 10 or more per game. Look for Oregon in a close one.

(2-4) (4-1)

Clune Arena 4PM MT TV:

Another SWAC team on the docket and it's Prairie View and for the Panthers watch out for Brian Ezeh who is a scoring and rebounding threat. For the Falcons look out for Andrew Henke . Air Force rarely loses at home and this should be no exception.

(5-3) (5-1)

Williams Arena 7PM CT TV:

For Colorado State look for Marcus Walker on the Rams side and for Minnesota watch for Dan Coleman. Minnesota is good at home and the Rams are bad on the road so look for the Gophers to win easily.

(5-3) (6-2)

Thomas & Mac Center 7PM PT TV: LAS VEGAS ONE

Fresno State is traditionally a good basketball school and the Rebels should watch out for Kevin Bell who scores near 19 points per game. As for the Rebels keep an eye on Joe Darger who is an all around player for UNLV. Again look for the home team to win here with the Rebels winning by less then 10