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Round 1 Kansas @ Hawai'i


Kansas at 11-1 gets the exciting trip to the Islands to take on Colt Brennan and the 12-0 Hawai'i Warriors. For Kansas this game will be similar to the Missouri game in that Hawai'i likes to throw, but that would be an understatement here. Kansas schedule strength is about the same as Hawai'i with both being in the 100 range. For the offenses which both teams are noted for Hawai'i has three receivers with 1,000 and at least 10 TD's. With this game being played on the Islands Todd Reesing will be able to score points on Hawai'i but there is no way they can keep up with the Warriors. Look for Hawai'i to win this game by at least 10 points and the over would be in the 80's.