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More Bracketology

The newest update of Joe Lunardi's bracketology is up on ESPN. This new version has Utah out of the tourney but New Mexico is in the mix and placed in the East region as a 9 seed, that seems pretty high for a team that goes unranked to into the tourney, but I believe the entry was put in before the Ole Miss loss so the Lobos might be bumped for San Diego State next week. As for BYU they are still in the bracket and surprisingly a 9 seed as well and in the West region but that seems low to me. The conference SHOULD have 3 teams in the conference every year and 2 on a down year. The problem I see is the teams some of these scheduling teams from the 200 and lower RPI. I understand Wyoming and the Colorado schools want to play Denver, Northern Colorado, and other local schools but they are killing the league RPI. If those teams are scheduling those teams then do not add USC Upstate, Liberty, CU-Colorado Springs these games have no value at all come tournament time. Once RPI's listings are compiled I will set up a list of those terrible non conference games that lower each teams RPI.