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Lets have a Playoff


There is all talk about the 6 BCS conferences want the money for themselves which is very true and the fact that Bowls mainly the Rose Bowl are stuck in the 1960's and are unwilling to change. In my opinion a playoff would bring in more money then the bowl system and even with revenue sharing among all the leagues the big 6 would in my opinion make the same if not more money in a playoff. When there is any type of playoff there is the plus 1, but would that really solve much, I guarantee if that was the system this year that Hawai'i would still be left out of a playoff and even possible if there were an 8 team playoff. Either a 12 team playoff or a 16 team playoff would work just fine. In a 12 team the 6 current auto BCS conferences would get their conference champions in and then the 2 highest rated non-BCS leagues would get in which would typically be the MWC and WAC and that would leave 4 at large teams to break up. If this were to be the case I would enjoy it, mainly because the MWC champ would almost always be invited, but to be fair I would make it 16 teams and include every conference champ and 5 at large spots. By inviting all 11 champs to the playoff those teams in lower conferences outside of the current BCS leagues would at least have a chance, this would increase play in these lower leagues because players may go to these other leagues for a shot to make it to the tournament, and finally schools would also put more money into football for a chance. Also there is the school argument that is bogus because for one games would be played on Friday and Saturday plus there is over one month between the last day of the regular season and the BCS game, so why not have the first two rounds in December then give a break for finals and then have the Semis on New Years and then the finals on the week after. Plus you could play all first round games at home for the higher seed and then use the bowls for the remaining 6 games and rotate through those. To qualify as an Independent you will get an auto bid if you are int he top 12 of the rankings that is strict but it is nearly impossible for independents to make it in any other NCAA tourney, so if you don't like that then join a conference and win that league.

The last comment is very realistic because in water polo a sport I play and follow, recently expanded their women's NCAA tournament to 8 teams and created new conferences to have 5 auto bids instead of the previous 3 when there was only 3 leagues. The point is that in just a few years teams that are not in the power leagues are getting better players and increasing play because of the chance of to play in the NCAA's.

Now for what I am doing here, I will create a 16 team playoff and predict what will happen day by day leading up to the bowl season, so this is just for fun. Now onto the brackets.

#1(11-2) SEC Champion

#16 (7-5) Sun Belt Champion

#8 (12-0) WAC Champion

#9 (11-1) Big XII At Large

#4 (10-2) SEC At-Large

#13 (10-2) Mountain West Champion

#5 (11-2) ACC Champion

#12 (10-2) Pac-10 At Large

#6 (10-2) Pac-10 Champion

#11 (10-2) Big East Champion

#3 (11-2) Big XII Champion
#14 (10-3) C-USA Champion

#7 (11-2) Big XII At Large

#10 (9-3) SEC At-Large

#2 (11-1) Big 10 Champion
#15 (8-5) MAC Champion Feel free to comment if you agree or disagree, this would be just awesome imagine on the first weekend 8 games and 4 played on Friday and 4 on Saturday just amazing.