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Week 3 Basketball Power rankings

1. #22/#20 (6-1)The Cougars played just the one game and crushed Portland on the road. It looks as if Trent Plaisted finally has turned into a more dominant player on the national scene.

2. (7-1) The Aztecs finished off an impressive 2 win week by crushing Central Michigan and LMU. These 2 wins move the Aztecs to the number 2 spot this week.

3.(5-2) UNLV went 1-1 and the one loss was a surprise as they lost to UC Santa Barbara on the road by 3. They rebounded nicely by beating a good C-USA in UTEP in their last game.

4. (7-1) Their Ole Miss loss was somewhat of a surprise, but the Logos did show something by making a nice comeback after being down by 17 at halftime.

5. (4-2) The Utes got back on track by defeating Weber State and UC Irvine. The impressive thing about the Utes was that they trailed early and by a lot but still managed to come back and win.

6. (5-4)The Falcons lost 2 this last week and three in a row overall. This team might be falling back to reality.
7. (4-2) The Horned Frogs had a tough week they were blown out by Texas Tech and Oklahoma at home.

8. (4-3) The last two spots were real tough to choose from. Colorado State crushed Arkansas Pinebluff and then lost huge to Northern Colorado. This was an up and down week for the Rams.

9. (3-3) The Cowboys were 1-1 again this week they were crushed by Akron on the road and also beat Pinebluff at home. This year the Cowboys are struggling on the road.