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Podcast? What Podcast!

I was doing a podcast earlier in the year and is was doing pretty well with about 50 downloads per show, but I moved and had some equipment issues, BUT ITS BACK!! That is right I will be starting up the podcast here on The Mountain West Conference Connection. The podcast will be primarily football and occasionally with basketball where I will have a non-conference review and conference preview, and then podcasts during tournament time. The podcast will start again once the bowl games are announced where the first show will be an over view of the season as a whole with the top games and player awards, and then I will have a preview show for each bowl game then I will go into a weekly podcast that will be an individual team preview and then a recruiting show during signing day. So that is the schedule for the Podcast so keep an eye out for the new show. I will record the show sometime Sunday night so be prepared for more MWC news in audio form.