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Nevada punts BYU from 2008 schedule

BYU was suppose to open the season with a game against a top tier WAC opponent, until Nevada decided to bump the Cougars for a home date with Grambling State. The Deseret News broke the story on this bombshell. This same thing happened to Wyoming for next season when Syracuse backed out of their contract and must pay Wyoming $250,000, but at least Syracuse let Wyoming know a year in advance unlike Nevada who gave the Cougars an 8 month notice. Nevada claims that they want to have a competitive non conference schedule, the other games included Texas Tech, Missouri, and UNLV. So with BYU their schedule was pretty tough, but it they wanted to get out why not reschedule back in August or something. Now BYU is looking for a new home game for Aug 30th, there has been talk of bringing in Florida State who has an open date and the fact that BYU is heading to Tallahassee in 2009 so this might work. One thing BYU should try to avoid is scheduling another I-AA for a gimme home game, but instead they should try to schedule teams from BCS conferences, but play the lower teams for easy wins against teams like Baylor, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, and Stanford. Because those teams are from a BCS league that would be more impressive then beating I-AA and for some reason some even better then a team like Nevada even though Nevada is probably better then those teams I mentioned. This method of scheduling, if possible, would help the league with almost for sure wins and they would help the strength of schedule. This is exactly what the Missouri Valley Conference does in basketball, by playing teams in power leagues that are mid or near bottom where if they win it helps their RPI because of the league the other team plays in. Plus if they were to lose it would not damage their RPI. This is what BYU and the MWC needs to do this allows them to schedule wins but also not be ridiculed for playing Eastern Washington or Weber State. As for teams for BYU to play I will see what I can find who would be good replacements for BYU