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12/1 Basketball Preview

(2-4) (3-2)

Huntsman Center 12PM MT TV: NONE

So I am not sure what to expect from Irvine because they destroyed a good Utah State team at home, but they also have loses against San Diego and Tennessee Chattanooga. UC Irvine is from the Big West conference and their leading scorer is Patrick Sanders with 12.8 points and 5 boards, and 3 other players average just above 9 points per game. The Anteaters should not pose a threat, however the Utes lost recently to Saint Mary's College a while back so they should not take this team lightly. If the Utes play Jim Boylen defense they should be find because UCI shoots a below average shooting percentage 44. The Utes should take this win because UCI is offensively challenged and well the Utes have a dominate big man in Luke Nevill and the only problem with the Utes is that he does not get the ball enough.


C.M. 'Tad' Smith Coliseum 1PM CT TV: NONE

This is the first real challenge for Ole Miss as they have played Mississippi Valley State, Louisiana-Monroe, and Lamar not really heavy weights. Not that Ole Miss is a real heavy weight in the SEC, but they did have a 21 win season last year. They lost in the first round of the SEC tournament, but if you look at the teams they beat it is similar to who they have played today. This game is important to New Mexico because of how the RPI works, because this is a road game and it is from a team that plays in a league with a good RPI, so a win here can increase their RPI ranking that i used to get teams into the NCAA tournament. As for the teams Ole Miss stats are most likely inflated but they have 6 players who average over 10 points per game and shoot 51% from the field, so to be honest I do not know how to accurately assess the Rebels. They should play close to what they have been doing but look for a little drop in production because New Mexico is a good team. As for the Lobos they play 10 players who have played 15 minutes per game, but they have not really played anyone outside of Colorado but they are not good. The Rebels like to score points as do the Lobos so this game should come close to have 160 combined points or more. Since New Mexico goes deep and they all play significant minutes this could be the difference in the game. If you can watch this game check it out because this shouldbe a fast pace fun game, but look for New Mexico to out run the Rebels.


James A. Rhodes H&PE Building 6PM ET TV: NONE

These teams seem to have similar things in common first off they have only 2 real scorers on their team and both have played mediocre early schedules and are trying to get off to a good start. For Wyoming they have not played well on road games and that includes last year as well and that is a reason why the Cowboys brought in a new coach. It boggles me that Wyoming is not as good as they are because Brandon Ewing is NBA bound and should be scoring more then 17 points per game. For the Akron Zips they have played all close games, but they have been against Tennessee Tech and Portland State. For Wyoming to win they must control the ball better because they turn the ball over on about 16 per game and that needs to be limited for Wyoming to win. For Akron they need to do the same thing to Wyoming and that is to protect the ball and also cause turnovers, to win. This game will come down to who plays the better the game (obviously) in regards to protecting the ball, but since Wyoming is not that good on the road look for Akron to win this game.


Butler-Hancock Hall 6:05 MT TV:

For Northern Colorado their best win is when they beat VMI in a track meet that combined for just under 200 points. Then the their losses have come against Air Force and Iowa, and this Colorado State is about the same level as Air Force. Northern Colorado prefers to slow it down, but as shown in the VMI win they can run with teams, but they will be more comfortable with the Rams slow down pace. The one thing that is Northern Colorado's achilles is their turnovers because they give up the ball on average 24 times per game. So this game comes down to protecting the ball, so if Colorado State can play pressure defense and cause turnovers then the Rams will win, but if Northern Colorado can protect the ball this should be a close game. The other thing for the Rams to win comes down to their scorer Marcus Walker, who can score and averages 16 per game look for the Rams to win this 'road' game on Saturday.

(2-5) #21 (5-1)

Earle A. Chiles Center 7PM PT TV:

This game should not be a challenge at all. BYU is coming off a great Las Vegas tournament that defeated then #6 Louisville and then came close to defeating #1 UNC. BYU finally has Trent Plaisted playing up to his potential and the play of Jonathon Tavernari who is averaging 16 points per game and 6 rebounds, and has improved a lot from last year when he was only scoring 6 points per game. Portland has trouble protecting the ball by averaging 17 turnovers per game, and has a low shooting percentage. Portland has a very minimal chance of winning and BYU should roll by 15 at least.


Thomas & Mack Center 7PM PT TV:

UNLV is coming off a shocking loss by losing to UC Santa Barbara by 3 points, but it was on the road and the Thunder Dome is a tough place to play. So far Wink Adams has been underachieving after what he did last year during their sweet 16 run. UTEP is still reaping the rewards when Billie Gillespie was their coach a few years back and their lone loss comes against Texas A&M on the road and only by 5 and that was closer then when Ohio State played Texas A&M. Stefon Jackson has been amazing for UTEP by scoring 24 points per game and is a player that the Rebels will need to watch. The Miners are looking like a team that will contend for an at large bid for the NCAA, because there is no way they are going to beat Memphis. For UTEP to win this game they need Stefon Jackson to be on his game because besides him there is not much scoring help for the Miners, as for the Rebels they will need to have their starters show up and get what they normally get. Being at home UNLV should win, but UTEP will be a challenge and needs to be taken seriously.


Cox Arena 730 PM PT TV: NONE

The Aztecs have an 8 game winning streak into this game and for all purpose should defeat Western Michigan at home. The Broncos did defeat a ranked opponent in Davidson at a tournament recently, but besides that game have not really done too much on the year. SDSU only lose comes against a road game at Cal where they lost by less then 10 points. At home the Aztecs are hard to defeat and with 5 players who average double figures the Aztecs have the players to share the scoring with. Western is lead by Joe Reiltz and David Kool who combine for 29 points per game and are their go to guys. The Aztecs should take care of business being at home and are just the better team, but they better not take this team lightly.