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Colorado @ Air Force Academy Preview

(4-2) (5-2)

Clune Arena 7PM MT TV:

So far this year the Colorado Buffs have beat who they are suppose to and lost to better teams. Colorado has all ready played a MWC team in New Mexico and lost while their other loss comes from playing Wisconsin on the road. Air Force is currently on a 2 game losing streak after losing to Montana by 2 and then playing a close game against #9 ranked Washington State last week. This game should be a close one because both teams are in the same situation for this season, neither team is expected to do all that well in their conference and should beat the teams they should and lose to teams they should. Air Force is very, very tough at home even with all of the new faces and new coach they have at the Academy. Both teams play a similar slow down and grind it out basketball, and that is evident in all of both teams wins when they typically score in the mid 50's, so expect this game to be a low scoring game and maybe who ever gets to 60 will win. Both teams also play at least 8 or 9 deep and they play at least 10 minutes a game, so both teams will have the bodies to go at each other. Neither team has one dominant scorer, but rather have 3 guys each that score 10 points a game. This game might not be appeasing to those who are looking for offense, but this game will be a defensive game and should be competitive and low scoring. As for the outcome look for Air Force to pull this out because of their home court advantage.