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Week 14 Rankings

1. BYU is ranked in 19th in the BCS and are looking to finish top 15 as they did last year. The Cougars Max Hall is more hurt then thought with his shoulder injury, so the big thing to watch is how much Hall will play on Saturday against San Diego State University.

2. The Falcons season is over, but they move up because of the Utes loss. The Falcons have all ready accepted to play in the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl.

3. The Utes offense sputtered against BYU, and had the one defensive lapse that lead to the loss of the game. Utah is waiting for their bowl game which is most likely the Poinsettia Bowl where they will face Navy.

4. The Horned Frogs got their 7th win and are holding their breathe for a bowl bid. Their bowl bid should be the New Mexico Bowl or the Texas Bowl, and the Texas Bowl is a possibility because the Big XII may not have enough teams.

5. New Mexico did finish 8-4 and looks to be heading to wither the New Mexico Bowl or the Texas Bowl, but they should be assured since they have more wins then TCU.

6. Aztecs had their chances last week but that what happens with a team that lacks the experience of winning. Their is one game left for a chance to improve with 5 wins when BYU comes to town.

7.Nice win for a team and a great way to send out Coach Sunny Lubick by defeating their rival Wyoming. We will see if the new coach can restore the Rams to the top of the conference.

8. The Rebels lost 8 games to end the season, does Mike Sanford require the same attention for putting Mike Sanford on the hot seat?

9. A horrible ending of a game to a horrible season that started off promising. Is it time to start the clock on the Joe Glenn watch?