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Bowl Predictions

So far Air Force is the only MWC team to be offered a bowl invite on 11/26 and they are heading to the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl. As teams accept bids to these bowls I will update this post.

The tricky part for this years Mountain West is that there are 5 teams that are bowl eligible with BYU (9-2) and one game left, Utah (8-4), New Mexico (8-4), TCU (7-5), and then Air Force (9-3) who has all ready been invited. So this means that there might be a team left out with 7 wins, and it is possibly that team could be TCU especially since the bowl game at their stadium has all ready filled by Air Force. It looks like the Texas Bowl and would take an additional MWC team because the Big XII will not have 8 teams in the bowl mix.

Here are my projections of the bowl match ups.

December 20th 6PM PT

Navy* vs. Utah

Also consider New Mexico or TCU

December 22 2:30PM MT

Nevada vs. TCU

Also consider Louisiana Tech or New Mexico

December 22 5:30PM PT

BYU vs. Oregon State

Also consider Utah, California, Boise State, Indian, Purdue

December 31 11:30AM CT

Air Force Academy* vs. UCLA

Also consider Arizona, Indiana, Purdue, Ball State, Mississippi State, Oregon State

December 28 7PM CT

Houston* vs. New Mexico (not enough Big-12 teams)

also consider TCU, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Colorado

*Accepted Invite