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Coaching carousel

It is pretty much sealed that long time Colorado State coach Sunny Lubick is done after 15 years a record of 108-74, 9 bowl appearances, and won or shared 4 conference titles. The associated press broke the story and mentioned that Lubick has been offered the associate athletic director possession at Colorado State. Now begins the fun part of selecting a new coach. Here I will compile a quick list of who I think should be contacted for this job.

1. Dennis Franchione His most recent stay was at Texas A&M where he had limited success going 32-27 which included two wins in a row over rival Texas. The reason he is on the list is that he has coached in this conference previously at University of New Mexico where he won a divisional title, and then at TCU where they went 10-1 in his final year. Franchione has done well at turning around programs that are not the rich elite teams like Texas A&M, plus the fact that CSU has had recent success and that could be recaptured.

2. Mike Price Price might be well known for his strip club incident where he was let go before even coaching a game at Alabama. Price's previous coaching stop in major college football was at Washington State where he took them to multiple Rose Bowls and those years have been the best that Washington State ever had. The move to Colorado State may not seem like an upgrade, but historically Colorado State has had more success then UTEP which is where Price is at now.

3. Houston Nutt Fresh off a triple overtime victory over LSU and then Nutt is not going to return as coach. Reasons are because of recruiting local players and other issues. Nutt has coached in Boise State in their early stages of their I-A level. As of now Nutt is being linked to the Baylor, Ole Miss (doubtful), and SMU.

These are coaches who I think the Rams should contact, but once a list comes out there will be a full break down.