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Week 12 Review

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So much for Wyoming's 14th ranked defense, Max Hall tore them apart as did Harvey Unga by running the ball. Wyoming did play better on their passing offense by only having one turnover and throwing for over 200 yards, but one thing that does not make sense is that BYU is without Quinn Gooch and is running out 3rd team defensive backs and Wyoming did not attack more often. Max Hall looked great by throwing 3 TD's and no picks and had one of his better games of the year. With this win BYU gets at least a share of the MWC crown, and I am calling it here first that Joe Glenn will not be back as the Cowboys head coach. He has under achieved or fell apart with so many teams and given the fact he gave the finger to Utah last week does not help. The Cowboys have either fallen apart (this year) or just played bad and have yet to ever get over the hump to have a great season. Glenn will be canned for someone who can get Wyoming over the top.

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The Falcons finished off the Aztecs end their regular at 9-3 and just await a bowl bid, and that most likely will be the New Mexico or the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl. I am betting on the latter because of the military connection with Air Force. Also look for Chad Hall to challenge Max Hall of BYU for offensive player of the year. Air Force came out swinging and never looked back after their 28-17 lead at the half and keep the scoring on by pouring 21 points in the third quarter. San Diego State did a good job at keeping it close, but they do not have the horses to score that many points. Air Force was lead again by their running attack that put up a monstrous number with 569 rushing yards and 3 players accounted for over 400 yards and 7 touchdowns. As for San Diego State they did have their best throwing performance of the year with 418 yards passing and 384 of those thrown by Kevin O'Connell. Now the Falcons sit back until the first weekend in December to figure out who they play in their bowl game.

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Georgia Southern's triple option was almost too much for the shaky Rams defense on Saturday. The Rams countered with their own running attack with Gattrell Johnson III who had 136 yards and 2 TD's. The game should have been a blowout with CSU leading 28-3 at half before being outscored 31-14 and almost losing the game. This game at over 1,000 yards of total offense and the points to back it up, it is just too bad this game was not picked up by CSTV or The Mtn. for viewing pleasure.

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Can you say gift wrapped for New Mexico. Fumbling punts and allowing an end around play that was a wide out pass for a touchdown. The Utes for the first time in years had little trouble defeating the Lobos, and the Utes could of had another touchdown when New Mexico fumbled their second punt inside their own 5 but Brian Johnson was tackled and lost the ball. This Ute defense has really piled it on by only allowing 13 points in their last 3 games and have averaged only 8 points against in their last 5 games. Not too bad for a team with a young defense and multiple injuries early on. In this game there was another Robert 'Big Play' Johnson sitting when he pulled the similar play as he did against UCLA when he caught RB Rodney Ferguson from behind on a sure TD and forced a fumble. The Utes pulled out the trick plays and stout defense against this New Mexico team, by the way the Lobos are no slouches as they are now 7-4 on the year. Offensively the Utes did not pile up the yards, however by recovering 4 fumbles it makes for a short field.

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I can not believe I forgot to preview this game on Thursday, but anyways here is the review anyways. This TCU team is the team that people were expecting all year long, a great defense and a pretty good offense. The Horned Frogs ran for over 250 yards but had again less then 200 yards passing by both Andy Dalton and Marcus Jackson. TCU dominated the game getting up 28-0 and controlling time of possession 39 to 21 minutes. Also, the Rebels run game that has been good at times was shut down, partly due to the Rebels losing by such a margin and the fact TCU has a good run defense.