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Week 12 Rankings

We were THIS close to have a new number one this week, but BYU pulled out the game.


BYU had a scare against TCU on Thursday, but right now they are hurting from injuries and specifically in the secondary and this could cause trouble in their next few games.


WOW!! The Utes along with BYU have been the hottest teams in the conference and probably in the Non-BCS leagues. The Utes have ran off 6 straight wins and are poised to make their 5th straight bowl appearance and an outside shot of the conference title.


The Falcons had a nice showing over Notre Dame last weekend and are receiving votes in the AP and coaches poll. One small fact about the Academy is that Chad Hall is the only player in Division I to lead his team in receiving and rushing yards.


Looks like it is too little too late for the Horned Frogs this year. They have been playing good football the past three weeks, but they still might get a bowl berth because the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces if they can reach 6-6.


I was tempted to drop them lower for the escape win over CSU, but to be honest they deserve this spot and mainly because the teams below them are that much worse.


A surprise team with only 2 conference loses so far. San Diego State will have a tough time finish the season on a strong note as they finish with TCU, Air Force, and BYU.


The sky is falling! after a great start Wyoming is most likely out of bowl contention after starting 4-1 and then falling to 1-4. They should become bowl eligible on the last day when they play CSU, but a repeat of last year could repeat itself by being eligible but getting overlooked.


The Rebels made a nice run last week, but have been falling just short in many games this year.


I retract last week, CSU has shown signs of life in a near upset over New Mexico.