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Air Force is ranked #29 in the Country

Yes that is correct. Each week I check the top 25 rankings to see if any MWC teams have votes or if the conference is lucky that a team gets in the rankings. As for Air Force they have never had any votes this year even though they are a good team and were 7-3 before playing Notre Dame on NBC. BINGO!! People actually got to see Air Force play on Saturday and even though Notre Dame is a bad team, but Air Force was seen and played quite well. This just proves that people do not know about teams because they are not easily seen, just look at what Kirk Herbstreit said on College Game Day it was either this past weekend of 2 weeks ago, where he said he does not know how good Air Force is because they have not been seen. You hear that Craig Thompson if the conference was seen then the recognition would be coming this way. It took just one game for a pretty good Air Force team to get votes after being on NBC. The TV deal is a joke because CSTV is not on most systems like ESPN, but there is a little bit of progress because DirecTv now has CSTV available on its package and you do not have to get the Sports Package. One thing that I have noticed though that even though CSTV is a national network highlights are never shown on ESPN for the Mountain West, and even the same can be said with Versus (unless you are the Big XII or Pac-10). This sudden surge in votes proves that the TV deal is garbage.