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Week 11 Review

27 22

This is a game that had the makings of an upset for TCU. The Horned Frogs had chances but they kicked 3 field goals in the first half and all were snapped within the 25 yard line, and if any of those field goals went for a touchdown this game could have had a different ending. BYU's defense did do the job against TCU forcing them to go 4-14 on third downs and holding TCU to those field goals. BYU got off to an early start especially with WR Austin Collie who had over 100 yards in the first half to move the ball, but TCU did good in adjustments to limit Collie's play making ability. The same thing has hindered TCU all year which is their offense is inconsistent and throw in that BYU has a good defense and it is a surprise that TCU was able to hang on for the win.

41 24

Air Force just keeps moving along piling up wins, and this game was no different. Notre Dame actually was able to hang around in this game, well until the third quarter when Air Force ripped off two straight TD's to put the game out of reach. Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen did have 3 touchdowns and 0 picks while throwing for 246 yards, but it was not enough. However the coolest play of the game was when big defensive lineman John Rabold scored a touchdown on a fumble recovery and along the way stiff armed the Notre Dame 'Golden Boy' Jimmy Clausen on his way to a touchdown. For the Falcons RB Chad Hall and QB Shaun Carney led the Falcons on the offensive side with Chad Hall who had 277 yards of total offense and 99 was on kick returns where he averaged 33 yards per attempt. As for Carney he tossed 2 TD's and also ran for 41 yards and another score. The Irish had no answer for the run option that Coach Calhoun brought with him. This game that was on NBC actually gave the MWC to showcase a team on true national TV and in return gave the Falcons a few votes in the AP and coaches poll. This is a true statement that if seen the conference could have teams ranked. (I will rant more in the week on this)

26 23

New Mexico has struggled their past few games and are quickly falling to the bottom of the bowl picture within the conference. Well, for this game both teams played evenly throughout the game. For New Mexico Rodney Ferguson had yet again another 110 plus yard rushing performance, then receivers Travis Brown and Marcus Smith combined for 14 catches, 177 yards, and a score. The real story came with both QB's Donovan Portiere and Caleb Hanie having 0 interceptions between the two for this game, because recently both of these QB's had struggled with turnovers. Colorado State had its share of stud players starting with MWC Player of the Week WR Johnny Walker who caught 7 passes for 177 yards and 2 touchdowns, and then there was Gatrell Johnson III who ran for 172 yards against the Lobos. The game was a field goal fest with both teams combining for 8 field goals, but a big kick that happened to miss was when CSU missed a field goal that could have impacted the outcome of the game but the Rams missed the game. This shows again that CSU has talent but has not yet been able to out work opponents when needed. The win for New Mexico gives the Lobos 7-3 record and most likely a bowl berth in December.

50 0

So is this what Joe Glenn means by a guarantee by not showing up and flipping the middle finger salute to the other team!

Yeah that is Glenn who was caught on live tape. The reason behind this is that with Utah up 43-0 the Utes went for an onside kick. Coach Witthingham pretty much said if guarantee a win and then do not show up why should I let up. I personally loved what happened this actually gives the conference a look on the national scene, and while the onside kick was a bit much Joe Glenn needs to realize that his team has been reeling after its great start and just got waxed by Utah. The Utes pretty much ran what they wanted from the fumblerooski, the fake field goal, reverses, and the hook and ladder. The games was 40-0 at the half, and the reason Wyoming lost was because of their 5 turnovers and the inability to have any type of offense. Check out this video which is from Talkin' Sports a local sports show.

38 30

This was a surprisingly entertaining game, because San Diego State came out strong early with an early 21-0 lead. UNLV was never able to get the lead but Frank Summers who ran for 187 yards put the pressure on San Diego State and nearly brought the Rebels back for the victory. Then QB Travis Dixon also produced 3 TD's for the Rebels, but the large lead was too much for the Rebels to overcome. UNLV did out gain the Rebels, but the real key to the game was the field position that the Aztecs had that let them move the ball on the short field. This game typically is the snoozer or pillow fight of the year but this game was filled with a lot of points and San Diego State is a surprisingly 3-2 in conference play.