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Week 11 Rankings


BYU took care of business and is waiting a showdown against a resurgent TCU Thursday night.


The Utes are riding a 5 game winning streak and after their bye look for QB Brian Johnson to be much closer to 100% and finish the season strong in hopes for a 9 win season.


The Falcons look to be back on track after their hiccup against New Mexico and the Falcons have a chance for 9 wins with two games left against Notre Dame and San Diego State. This would be the Falcons first winning season since 2003 and the potential to have 9 wins since 2000.


So where was this team all year? TCU's offense and defense was amazing, but the question is if they can keep up the rest of the year to get into a bowl game.


Welcome back New Mexico! They reverted back to their traditional state of losing games they should not. New Mexico needs to forget the TCU loss, and concentrate on keep winning to make sure they get into a bowl game.


Looks like Chuck Long knows what he is doing and is making progress and slowly is improving the play in San Diego State.


After Wyoming's 4-1 start and look of challenging for the conference title, have now lost 3 of 4 and is falling out of bowl contention. If the Cowboys keep up this inconsistent play then they will be sitting at home in December.


The Rebels had a much needed off week to get everyone healthy for their last 3 games, and they have a winnable game this week against San Diego State.


The Rams have officially given up.