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More audio and more BYU independent talk

David Locke has been a fresh new voice in the Utah market and he has been pumping up the idea for BYU to go independent and here is his article. I like the way Locke thinks about BYU going independent with the broadband access for games, their own TV deal that would obviously be a local deal and a good assumption to be regional, plus the fact that Fox Sports or ESPN would pick up games. This idea is good because they could schedule better opponents and get some more national pub by playing Texas A&M, Oregon, Boston College, Florida State, and others in the mid to upper BCS leagues. However, how relevant would BYU be if they go 8-4 with a better schedule and have no chance of a BCS game or national title and I doubt they would get a sweet deal like Notre Dame for the BCS.

If money is the main reason then BYU probably would be a good bet to go independent in football, but I believe BYU fans would rather have an attainable goal of winning a conference title every so often and a 10-2 or better record.
People say BYU should leave for better competition, but the MWC especially this year is more then a two or three team conference which is something I mentioned back in the summer. Just looking at the conference this year there shouuld be 6 teams that are bowl eligible and perennial losers UNLV and San Diego State might double their win totals over last year. In my opinion BYU should stay in the conference because I feel that while their fans are frustrated over lack of respect and no TV (unless you have comcast) they would like to see a 9-3 to 11-1 team with a conference title then go 6-6 to 9-3 with the same problem of no recogonition.

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