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Just reading up on college hoops at ESPN the great Joe Lunardi has his pre season Bracketology list of the teams that should be dancing come March. There is a pretty big surprise because he has Utah a 13 seed and predicting them as the conference tournament champion, and then BYU is also a 13 seed and one of the last 4 teams in. The BYU prediction is not surprising, but the Utah inclusion is beause they have had 2 straight losing seasons and bring in a new coach. This shows that the Utes still carry some national presence in the media, and even in the days where there games are barely visiable on TV. Plus the Utes are the only team in the MWC to have any votes in the coaches or the AP pre season polls. Yes these are only pre season projections, but in my opinion is that when Utah is good in basketball it makes the conference better. The same can be said the same for BYU and football in the conference and to a smaller extent basketball for BYU just because the Cougars hoops history is no where near the same as their football history. Whenver Lunardi posts a new bracketology I will be there to share my opinion with the placing of MWC teams or their opponents. If memory serves he has his preseason and then one in December and then regularly in January on, so I will keep everyone posted on Bracketology.