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Week 9 Rankings

Wyoming takes a free fall and the Utes are inching their way back up the rankings.


Another victory for the Cougars keep them in the top spot after beating up on Eastern Washington.


The Lobos were in danger of falling out of this spot after a less then impressive win over SDSU. The Lobos are the only team left to realistically challenge for the outright conference title, but most likely a share is in order if BYU does not finish business.


So, are these the Utes people expected? They are on a 4 game winning streak and are one game away from being bowl eligible. The conference race is pretty much a lost cause unless BYU and New Mexico melt down over the rest of the season, but the Utes are finally putting it together and should be going to their 5th straight bowl game.


The Falcons fall because while they have been winning that close win over Wyoming looks like a trend the Falcons try to avoid every year, which is wearing down. With the restrictions the Academy has on size a lot of the players are undersized and wear down a bit more then the other teams. This has been the case for years with Air Force and we will see if this continues.


From conference champion sleeper to a team in free fall. Wyoming got away with the turnovers against Ohio, but 5 turnovers last week against Air Force is no way to play a game. You know this team is in trouble when Coach Glenn lets the press know that no player is safe from being benched.


Another team that has struggled mightily this year. All of that hype around the BCS was base on their defense, if anyone cared to look at their offense people would realized the Horned Frog offense has not been good since the LT days. Just look at these numbers from the past 4 years.

2007: 352.1 YPG

2006: 408.5 YPG

2005: 399.92 YPG

2004: 430.73 YPG

Their offense has not been amazing but these rankings for overall offense are in the middle of the pack in the NCAA and 2004 which was their best year offensively they went 5-6


The Rams finally showed some game and got their first win of the year. This Ram team is better then what they have shown all year. They played Colorado and Cal all the way to the end. We will see if this is an aberration or if the Rams finally woke up.


They are showing some progress especially after last weeks near upset against New Mexico. The Aztecs have shown the league they are getting better they beat Colorado State and had a fourth quarter lead against New Mexico. They are off this week because of the wildfires in San Diego, so we will see how they do once they resume play.


The Rebels are back in familiar waters. The Rebels look to have their QB of the future in Omar Clayton who over took Travis Dixon who was good at times. Clayton is more of a running threat then Dixon was and that is the type of QB the Rebels need in their spread.