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BYU-SDSU game postponed

The wildfires that are running through San Diego County and southern California has caused the Mountain West Conference Commissioner Craig Thomas to move the game to December 1st at Qualcomm Stadium. The fires have intensified and the stadium is currently used as an evacuee station and medical area for those in need. There were some thoughts of playing the game at Sam Boyd at the UNLV campus, but that fell through and I do not think that would be fair for San Diego State to do so for one their home area is under a major disaster and two they have not practiced at all this week and that would not be fair either. This could have some implication on the bowl situation, BYU most likely should be going to the Vegas Bowl unless a major collapse is done by the Cougars, but where this could possibly hinder the conference is when bowls are choosing teams there is always a spot or two from a conference that does not fill their spots for a particular bowl and if BYU is not all ready set in on a bowl then that could mean a spot is lost for the conference, but that is all secondary compared to what is going on right now in Southern California. There are multiple of players in the conference from who have families in that area and that is where the focus should be that the players families and everyone else in the area is able to move out and get to a safe place, and to move this game is the smart thing to do.