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Week 8 Review

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This game started the weekend off, and Andy Dalton surely does look terrible, he had 4 picks and one was returned for a score. With so many teams right now vying for a bowl with TCU at 4-4 it may take a miracle for them to get into a bowl game even if they finish 6-6. The Utes avenged a loss two years ago in Fort Worth when that game snapped their 18 game winning streak. The Ute defense did well with the amount of turnovers, but they still were letting some plays slip by them that allowed to keep TCU in the game, even though the Utes were pretty much in control the whole game. TCU did a good job of staying in the game especially with that early blocked punt that was returned for a touchdown. One thing that is mystifying is that pre season offensive player of the year Aaron Brown only ran the ball 11 times for 59 yards. The game was close so the running game would be a good idea, plus he averaged 5.4 yards per carry. Not sure what coach was thinking there.

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Looks like Wyoming is fading fast this is their second straight loss and now are in the same position as Utah with 2 conference losses, and might be following suite with TCU in falling out of the bowl picture. Air Force is continuing their amazing run under Coach Calhoun and Chad Hall came up big again with 167 yards rushing. Wyoming's defense did well over all by forcing Air Force to go 4-14 on third downs, but the key that led Air Force to victory was the turnovers with 5 being committed by Wyoming and one was an 85 yard fumble recovery. For Wyoming to be in this game after those turnovers is a credit to their defense, but if Karsteen Sweed keeps throwing interceptions Ian Hetrick will take over the job permanently, instead of coming in late after Sweed has been ineffective.

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Not much to say about this blowout over Eastern Washington. Not even the white out snow storm in the fourth quarter could slow down the Cougar offense. The only issue is that Max Hall only completed half of his passes for 156 yards and had a pick, but he did not need to throw the ball to win. Harvey Unga took care of the offense with 154 yards and a score. This was one of those games that gave BYU a chance to play multiple players in this win.

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New Mexico squeaks by a pesky San Diego State team that surprisingly stayed in the game. New Mexico had to score 10 4th quarter points to pull this win out. Kevin O'Connell had one of his better overall games he only passed for 133 yards, but he did run for over 80 and scored a touchdown. The Aztec defense is what kept them in the game, by forcing New Mexico to go 4-16 on third downs and that allowed the Aztec to stay close. The Aztec defense was unable to do that the whole game because they were tired out once the fourth quarter started. For New Mexico Rodney Ferguson was held to under 80 yards, but he did score. The real offensive star for the Lobos was Travis Brown who had 110 yards receiving yards and a touchdown. San Diego State did everything to win, but this team does not know how to close out an opponent.

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The Rams finally get it done, by not only defeating the Rebels but destroying them. UNLV did have to start in place of Travis Dixon, but his replacement Omar Dixon had an exceptional game by passing for over 300 yards and running for 135 yards. UNLV did just what Wyoming did and give up 3 picks and 2 fumbles. As mentioned in the preview the running game for the Rams must step up whomever it is, and Gatrell Johnson III had 2 scores and rushed for over 160 yards. As a team the Rams ran for over 200 yards in the game. Plus Caleb Hanie had an interception free game. This game is what the Rams should have been this year with a lot rushing yards and a Senior QB who controls the game and makes the big plays when need. We will see if this game wakes up the Rams to bounce back and win a few more games this year.