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Week 7 Rankings

Here we go for the week 7 rankings. There is a little movement up top but not too much this week.


Even after a less then spectacular performance with the win against Vegas, but a win is a win and BYU has not lost a conference game since the 2005 loss to Utah.


The Lobos slide up after soundly defeating a good Wyoming team last week 20-3 and on the road no less. We will wait and see if the pat of New Mexico will haunt them where the Lobos seem to every year lose to a team they should not.


The great story of Troy Calhoun who now has the Falcons one win away from being bowl eligible at 5-2. They destroyed a bad Colorado State team and Chad Hall looks to possibly challenge Max Hall for offensive player of the year as he put up more then 250 rushing yards last game.


This was the worst outing of the year for the Cowboys, and at home no less. They do not drop too far, because as well as the Utes have been playing I feel this Wyoming game was an aberration of who they really are.


There was no trap this past week, but the offense did stall multiple times against a bad San Diego State offense. This team finally looks to have found its stride after injuries and is above .500 for the first time this year, for the Utes to move up Darrell Mack needs to keep doing what he is doing.


TCU finally pulled a game out with offense and scoring 38 points. Andy Dalton had a great game against Stanford. This Horned Frog team is inconsistent with their play, by having a week of good offense and bad defense to the opposite at times. This Thursday night showdown against Utah is huge.


They did give BYU a tough game, but the Rebels are not quite there to challenge the top of the MWC. They did have the best defense all year in forcing Max Hall to his worst performance of the year. The Rebels are getting closer, but this is not the year for a major turnaround.


Again this team is not very good offensively and it showed on Saturday. They allowed over 500 yards of total offense and can not seem to stop any team with a pulse. The Aztecs are getting better but the progress is very minimal this year, and the only reason they are not lost is because CSU is still winless.


This team has vastly underachieved this year, and it looks like this is Sunny Lubbicks last stand as the Rams coach. The team is winless and is on a double digit losing streak dating back to last year. He will not be forced out, because for one he has done an outstanding job in a small northern Colorado town and the field is named after him. Look for Sunny to step down at seasons end.