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This could have been a year that the Mountain West had a team get into the BCS, with all the loses that have been take place in the top 15 this year. BYU, TCU, and a long shot in Utah were pre season favorites to get into the BCS, but with all of the teams slipping up especially with BYU with that loss to Tulsa. Even though Hawai'i is looking to be the next team outside the automatics bids to get in, if they stay undefeated a one loss team from the Mountain West would of had a very good chance to make it through. For Hawai'i they will have to go unbeaten and need help just because no one would schedule a game on the road which meant they had to play two teams from the FCS division (I-AA). I mentioned this earlier in one of the writings that for the MWC to be taken seriously they need to get a team into the BCS 4 out of every 5 years and win at least half of those times, so it looks like this is not the year for this to happen. It will take almost perfect seasons to get into the BCS and there is no way a two loss team outside of the auto conferences will get in, but the best hope is for the conference to end this season with one maybe two ranked teams and hope next year they get preseason consideration or are ranked, because a one loss team might make it in if they lose early and make a good run late in the year.