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Week 7 Review

Better late then never, the reason behind this is because I am training in a new department at work and I do not have time to write these. So here it is


This was the surprise game of the week. The Wyoming offense has not been amazing, but only putting up 3 points against New Mexico was a shocker. The weather changed the outcome of the game, because with the game tied at 3 apiece there was a delay of over 90 minutes and the Lobs scored on a long TD pass to go ahead. Then right out of halftime Wyoming fumbles the ball and New Mexico scores again to be up 17 to 3. Since I did not see the game I do not know how bad the field was, but the Cowboys could neither throw or run the ball against New Mexico who's defense is decent. Wyoming was forced to throw the ball more then normal and just could not convert any real drives to get back into the game.

23 7

It looks like the Utes learned from their mistake from the UNLV fiasco a few weeks ago, and took care of an inferior opponent. This weeks game was closer then it should be because Louie Sakoda kicked 3 field goals including a career long 51 yards. Darrell Mack had another great game rushing in getting 131 yards and then another 40 plus receiving and a receiving touchdown. Mack has been the key player this season that has finally gotten the Utes over .500. The offense again had Corbin Louks play QB where he rushed for over 40 yards and threw an 11 yard Touchdown pass. Over the Ute offense clicked in the second half to pull away and ended up with 514 yards of total offense.

38 36

What! TCU scores 38 points on the road against Stanford. I guess there goes any momentum for beating USC last week. Andy Dalton came alive throwing for 344 yards and throwing for two touchdowns, and the rushing attack was led by Aaron Brown with 92 yards and Joseph Turner who had 72 yards. The Horned Frog defense was stout when they needed to by holding off Stanford to a late field goal instead of a touchdown. The game seemed to be lost for TCU when they were leading 31 to 17 late in the third, but that quickly changed when the Horned Frogs scored 14 straight points that started with a 70 yard toss by Andy Dalton to start the comeback. This TCU team is finally getting back on track toward bowl eligible.

45 21

No need to remind everyone of Colorado State's losing streaking continuing to rise in the double digits. Colorado State did have a bright spot with Gatreel Johnson III rushing for 143 yards, while Kyle Bell had only 30 yards. Air Force was lead again by Chad Hall that rushed for 256 yards and 4 TD's. What did Colorado State in was their 4 interceptions and one was returned for a score. The game was pretty much over at the half when the game was over when the score was 28 to 7.

24 14

This was not all that impressive of a win but the win keeps BYU's conference winning streak intact and is now the only undefeated team in conference right now. BYU helped keep UNLV in the game by having 4 turnovers that stalled many drives for the Cougars. BYU did control the ball for 37 minutes to 23 minutes, they doubled the Rebels in yards, and the Cougar defense held them to only 217 yards. Harvey Unga had 177 yards rushing and was the key player to the game. Max Hall had his worst game ever as he threw 3 picks and just above 200 yards, but good teams overcome bad outings to win these games.