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Week 6 Awards

Week 6 had some surprises with Utah defeating Louisville and San Diego State defeating Colorado State. This week the Utes sweep the weekly awards. The Utah 2007 team is finally in shape and the team that played Friday night should be the team that shows up each week here on out. They defeated an offensive power in Louisville with Brian Johnson at the helm and the Utes found their running attack in Darrell Mack, by the way who was to redshirt this year. Everything worked well for Utah and the odd thing is that most people thought that the Utes would go 1-3 or 2-2 in non conference play, but they went 3-1 and have a record that a lot of people thought the Utes would have at 3-3 or some said 4-2. The Utes are just about on pace from what people thought, but what they did not expect was to lose to Air Force and UNLV. Week 6 team of the week is the University of Utah.

As for player of the week this honor goes to Utah running back Darrell Mack. He ran for 162 yards and 3 TD's in their win over Louisville. Mack looks to be be the missing piece in the running game to get the Utes on track to save the season, which may have been done Friday night.