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Week 6 Review

This week I am pushing things up because I will be out of town Thursday evening for a few days and possibly have no internet access, so enjoy the earlier right ups.

44 35

Wow!! The Utes pull of anothe stunner and this time on the road against an offensive giant in the Louisville Cardinal. The Utes came out strong scoring the first 21 points and the game seemed to be in hand, until a late 4th quarter square. Yes the Cardinals were without their 3 top wide recievers, but Brian Brohm was still able to throw for 467 yards and 4 touchdown passes. The early part of the game with Utah on offesne, each passing play that was in the middle of the field was wide open all day long. The Utes used this tactic for most of the game to send recievers down field and then have either the running back or a wide out run a short pattern as they were wide open. Brian Johnson finally looked like the 2005 player that was top 10 nationally in total offense by throwing 24/31 312 yards and one touchdown, and he also ran for 37 yards and another score. The Ute defense did its best to limit Louisville's offenese early while the Utes scored the first 21 points. The Utes ran a few different plays this game Freshman QB Corbon Louks on his first offensive possesion ran for a 16 yard TD run and then the coaches went for a fake field goal with a player spread far right and the play went for a first down and a 10 yard game to get the ball inside the 5 yard line. The player of the game for the Utes and probably will be named the offical MWC player of the week was RB Darrell Mack who ran for 162 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Cardinals did make a late run by scoring 14 points in less then 2 minutes, but the Utes recovered the onside kick attempt and then proceeded down the field for a Louie Sakoda field goal to put the game out of reach.

24 21

Wyoming was able to hang on at home to defeat the TCU Horned Frogs and esentially guranteed that TCU will not win the conference title, because they now have 2 loses. What happened to this amazing TCU defense, Saturday they gave up 235 yards to two players and both of those players had 100 and 135 yards a piece. Per usual TCU's offense started off slowly by only scoring 6 points in the first half, but they were still in the game. Coach Patterson did start the game with Marcus Jackson, but he was bench after the first quarter because of bad play by going 2/7 and 26 yards. Andy Dalton did fair better but did not really take off until the fourth quarter. RB Aaron Brown was suppose to help carry the offensive load, but he only gained 50 yards on the ground, and Wyoming has yet to allow a 100 yard rusher all year. Wyoming was in control of the game during the third and early 4th quarter by scoring 17 straight points to be ahead 24 to 6. Then Andy Dalton actually woke up and scored the next 15 points, by having 2 quick late drives to get the game within 3 points at 24-21, but TCU failed on the onside kick. TCU has fallen a long way from potential BCS buster.

24 20

My faith in Colorado State as a good team is long gone. The Rams lost to the second worst team in the conference (the Rams now have the 9th spot) 24 to 20. Most people including myself felt that the Rams early schedule was tough with games against Cal, Colorado, Houston, and TCU, but came up short again. The story of this game can be summed up in the Rams inability to scored touchdowns. The Rams had two field goals in the game one at 20 yards which means the ball was at the 3 yard line, and the other field goal was a 39 yarder which puts the ball just outside the 20 yardline. From all the games with the Rams this year they seem to have one or two major blunders that cause them the win, and this game is the ability to not get into the endzone when so close to the goal line, and also to make a defensive stand. San Diego State did play a good game especially QB Kevin O'Connell who threw for 184 yards no picks, but he also ran for 47 yards, 3 TD's which included the game winner with under a minute in the game. This game the Aztecs were able to succeed by holding Kyle Bell to only 76 yards and also the Aztecs limited their own mistakes this week.

31 14

The Falcons got back in the win column by defeating UNLV 31-14 at home, where the Falcons are undefeated. This game has a similar look to it as the others with close first half and then the winning team jumps out. For UNLV Travis Dixon had a very good game with 274 yards passing and 56 rushing with a score, as did Frank Summers who had another 100 yards rushing and a score, plus Ryan Wolfe who had 164 yards receiving. That was the only scoring for the Rebels, they were able to move the ball around on this Falcon defense but had trouble finding the endzone. The Falcons were able to wear out the Rebel defense during the second half by runnign all over them with 309 yards and Chad Hall had 169 of their 308 yards rushing. The Rebel defense also gave up 7.4 yards per rush attempt, and that is the stat of the game.