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Utah 44 Louisville 35

No that is a not a misprint. This was a game that is what the conference needs, by being the only game on a Friday night on ESPN going against a high powered offense. Most people including myself thought the Utes would be able to hang around for a half and then the Cardinal offense would take over. The Utes got off to a quick start leading 21 - 0 before Louisville scored. The Utes did it all in this game which included a fake field goal for a first down, Freshman QB Corbun Louks running for a 16 yard TD run early on, and the most impressive performance came from Darrell Mack who ran for 162 yards and 3 TD's.Brian Johnson played well by throwing for 312 yards a TD and rushing for another.

This team is so Jekyll and Hyde, they are able to pile it on against UCLA and L'Ville, but UNLV and Air Force loses?? Since I am a Ute fan I hope that this is a wake up call showing that they are a good team, and another lesson they can learn is that they must get up for every game not just against ranked or good teams. We will see next week when San Diego State comes into town.

I will do a larger review Monday with the traditional weekly review. Also here are highlights from the game from ESPN