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New National Champion for 1984?

I was reading through another blog Addicted to Quack and the post I read was called If You Can't Win Championships, Just Invent Them. This is refering to the University of Washignton who after 47 years rose a 1960 National Championship banner for football, the problem with that was Minnesota was ranked #1 in the AP poll back in 1947. Back then the national title was decided before the bowl games and Washington was ranked 6th, but then defeated #1 Minnesota in the Rose Bowl. The number one ranking that the Huskies gets comes from the little known organization called the Helms Athletic Foundation .

Former Husky coach Don James doesn't, who legitimately won a national championship in 1991, doesn't mind Washington's claim to the title saying "it was a flawed system."

That is quite the obvious statement, if that is the case why not hand out shares of the National Title to Auburn and Utah in 2004 since they were undefeated, and while we are at it give Boise a share in for going undefeated in 2006 season. Are you kidding me!!

But what there is more.

Washington is considering raising a banner for the 1984 (yes Cougar fans that is when you won the National title) and in 1990, by the same polls or even more obscure polls.

This is the first I have heard of this and this beckons my reason for a playoff to consider a true national title.