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Week 5 Rankings


The Cougars are on top of the conference again after winning their first road game and improved to 2-0 on the year in conference play. The only concern about BYU is that they play poorly on the road and last game proved that again by forcing 5 turnovers, but still allowed New Mexico to hang around.


This is a huge jump for a team that was on a bye, but after reviewing last weeks rankings the Cowboys were too low on the list. The are one of 3 teams in the conference to yet to allow a 100 yard rusher.


TCU did get a boost with Aaron Brown back, but the offense is still sputtering along with whoever is at QB either Andy Dalton or Marcus Jackson. They are here because their defense is carrying the team.


The Lobos had a close loss to BYU at home this past Saturday night only losing by 7 points and giving up 5 turnovers. The last game the Lobos had no recieving threat from their top 2 recievers. The Lobos showed resilience by giving up 5 turnovers and still able to hang around.


The Falcons have now lost 2 games in a row, both road games as well. Their loss was the 5th straight against Navy. Air Force has been putting up nice numbers all year, but their defense has been letting them down.


The Utes got back on the winning ways, by defeating Utah State to claim the Beehive Boot. Brian Johnson came back but looked rusty and weak arm strength. The Utes have found a bright spot in running back Darrell Mack who has over 300 yards rushing the past 3 games. Not too bad for a player who was to redshirt. We will see if the Utes can keep this up against Louisville on Friday night.


The Rebels are making significant progress because they are keeping games competitve. Frank Summers looks to be the real deal by rushing for almost 300 yards in his last 2 games. Look for the Rebels to stay close to most teams this year, and maybe pull off anothe unexpected win.


11 game losing streak continues for the Rams. They have turned into a turnover plagued team with 3 interceptions thrown last week. Also what is the coaching staff doing by giving Kyle Bell only 7 carries, he was to be their stud back. Look for this to be Sunny Lubicks last year, because the way the team has fared the past few years.


There is not too much to say about the Aztecs, Chuck Long did promise a better season but I have yet to see any improvement. The only good sign I see in the near future is that the their game that is at Utah will be able to be viewed on local channel 4 on Hi-def, while people in SLC will have to go to the game to see it.