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Finally... Week 5 Review

Sorry about the dela, I was flying out of town for job interview and with family and had little time to do this, but now I am ready to go.

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The first round of the Commanders in Cheif goes to The Naval Academy who outlasted the Falcons. Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada the QB for Navy was the difference in this game. He put the game out of reach with 2 fourth quarter touchdowns and one was on a 78 yard run to finish of the Falcons. Air Force's QB Shaun Carney never did beat the Naval Academy and this was his best showing of any of those games. It was not as if Air Force played bad because offensively they went toe to toe with the Middies, but the 4th quarter was the demise for the Falcons. A side note is that both field goal kickers missed 2 field goals.

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If this was a loss I am sure the entire coaching stay would have been replaced by the nearest fan Chris Hill could find. This was not a blowout, but a game that allowed the Utes to work on some things and get Brian Johnson ready to go for when the Utes play Louisville on Friday night. Brian Johnson had a decent game in 182 yards passing 2 TD's but also 2 picks. One thing I did notice is that he ran for only for 5 yards. The Utes defense forced Leon Jackson III QB/P to punt 7 times and force the Aggie offense to go 4-17 on third downs, but in reverse on that state the Utes were also sub par by going 5-14. The one bright spot for Utah for this game and the past three has been the emergence of Darrell Mack who in the past 3 games has rushed for over 300 yards and has 4 total touchdowns, not bad for a guy who was to redshirt. The play of the game for the Utes was when Derek Richards returned a punt for a score for 75 yards.

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Not much to say here but Vegas is being Vegas with another loss. UNLV in my opinion has improved dramatically, because they are not getting blown out each week (just the Hawai'i game). This rivalry game was close throughout and then somehow both teams exploded for 27 points. Frank Summers lead the way again for UNLV with 120 yards rushing and one score. Travis Dixon fared well again with 249 passing yards, and then Ryan Wolfe having a big day by recieving and rushing for a combined 140 yards and one score. UNLV gave up too many deep balls with 3 throws over 40 yards and one of those was 90 yards. Plus it looked as if both defenses were lacking late in the game which allowed all of those points to be piled on.

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And the streak continues to 11 games for Colorado State. TCU was fueled by RB's Aaron Brown return with 124 yards rushing and 26 receiving but zero TD's. The real story is that Ram running back Kyle Bell had only 7 carries for 9 yards, but he was not injured so it seems as if Bell was benched for ineffectiveness, but 7 carries seems a bit low to be benched. Caleb Hanie also had another turnover plagued game with 3 picks which allowed for TCU to reap the benefits, and by giving TCU's offense a short field to work with did not help. The only reason the Rams were in this game is because TCU's offense is bad where they also had 3 turnovers, but the Rams were unable to take advantage of those turnovers.

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In the game of the week the BYU Cougars won their first road game against the Lobos of New Mexico. This game was close through out the game but turnovers by the Lobos doomed them. Another key reason why New Mexico lost is because their 2 best recievers had less then 100 yards recieving and no scores. Rodney Ferguson tried to lead the way, which he did in a very good game with 87 rushing yards, 105 receiving yards, and all 3 Lobo touchdowns. The amazing part of the game was that New Mexico had 5 turnovers and still had chances to win the game. BYU came out on top with their 4th quarter precision to outscore the Lobos 10-3 to win the game. It was also the 5th game for Max Hall with at least 250 yards.

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The night cap for the MWC was a beat down when 24th ranked Cincy came to the Left Coast and waxed the Aztecs. There is not too much to say about this game, but here are some numbers for fun. The Bearcats accumulated 523 yards total offense and 284 passing and 263 rushing, but they did have 3 interceptions but the two were by back up QB Tony Pike and that enabled San Diego State to score some 4th quarter points. The Aztecs were overmatched in every aspect of the game especially in their rushing offense that averaged 65 yards and 2.7 per carry.