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Week 4 Rankings

Some more jumbling occurs this week in our MWC Rankings, and we have a new number 1, plus New Mexico makes the biggest jump this week.

1. null

The Cougars are back on top after destroying Air Force at home. BYU is a Jekyll and Hyde team so far this year. When the Cougars play at home they are amazing but so far on the road contests they have lost both of those. Next weeks match at New Mexico will be a test to see if the Cougars ready to repeat as conference champs.


I have under valued the Lobos all year, and after beating Arizona and being 3-1 earns them this spot. The QB and RB play of Donvoan Porteire and Rodney Ferguson have been amazing ever since that week one loss to UTEP. I can not wait for next weeks showdown between New Mexico and BYU.


What happened here? The Falcons decided to lay an egg against the Cougars. There was no passing game and no running game to speak of. The only real positive is that they held BYU to only 31 points. It looks like Air Force is not quite there to take the next step to be the conference champ this year.


OK they beat a terrible SMU team and only scored 21 points and only 7 came on the offensive part of the field. Running back Aaron Brown is back but NFL prospect Tommy Blake is going to miss the next two games with the same 'mystery' illness. There might be a QB controversy in Fort Worth as Marcus Jackson to about half the snaps last weekend.

5. null

How did they do it last week? 7 turnovers and still win. The Cowboys had way too many miscues last week to deserve any higher then this spot. The defense did a good job with what happened to them last week. Look out for the Wyoming running attack that exploded with almost 300 yards on the ground against Ohio.


What! The Rebels have 2 wins and it's not even October. The Rebels are finally moving up out of being a terrible football team to a decent football team. So far UNLV had beaten Utah State, Utah, and gave a scare to Wisconsin. They might be higher but I will need another game to see how the Rebels are.


Weel the Utes beat UCLA and then lay a goose egg agaisnt the UNLV. In my opinion injuries have been why this Ute team is down, we all know the guys they have lost for the year who are starterse. Brian Johnson came back too early to try to save the Vegas game. The Ute team is a mess and I think they may salvage the season to make it to .500, but that seems iffy.


And the streak reaches 10 games and now the Rams have one of the longest losign streaks in the country. It seems that the Rams have one or two key mistakes that cost them games this year, and with a Senior QB one would think that would not be happening.


Yes, they are not winless, but that win came against an FCS team. Besides that game the Aztecs have shown no sign of being a decent football team.