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Week 4 player and team of the week

This week this actually is a tough choice to decide who is team of the week and who is player of the week. For teams I am automatically exclude any team that plays a FCS team, so this week excludes New Mexico and San Diego State. As for the contenders in team of the week I believe it comes down to BYU who crushed Air Force and then UNLV who beat Utah for the first time since 1979 and shut them out. This week is historic week as I choose UNLV as the team of the week. Their win was overall more impressive then any team, because for one that have not beat Utah since Richard Nixon was in office and the fact that Utah destroyed then #11th ranked UCLA the week before.


As for player of the week I will stay in the Vegas theme and choose Frank Summers who torched the Utes for 190 yards rushing and 2 TD's and also 29 recieving yards and another TD. He just ran at will against the Ute defense and had his best game of his career. So there you have it!! UNLV sweeps this weeks awards and I doubt it will happen again this year for them, but congrats