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Week 3 Rankings

This week is an interesting one with all the top teams losing so I will do my best to get an accurate assesment of the league. As a remi


This is the largest jump by far of any team in the league. Air Force who was to have a tough time in this 4 game stretch that included games against Utah, BYU, TCU, and Navy. So far the Academy is 3-0 and leading the conference at 2-0. This weeks game at BYU is huge for both teams.

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BYU is here is because they have the fire power on offense to keep up with any team. Even though they lost to Tulsa I believe it was a hang over from last weeks lost to UCLA. I feel this is the right spot for this week, but all could change next week when Air Force and BYU meet.

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The same thing can be said about TCU with BYU about a hangover from a loss the week earlier. During the last game TCU just thought that they could run over the guys from the Academy. To be a good team they need to take every team seriously along the way.


The Utes make the biggest jump during the week, because of their utter dominance over an overrated UCLA team at home. The Utes are 9-0 at home against teams from a BCS conference in school history. I really like the mix up that the coaches did by playing many true Freshman and young guys. We will see how long this will last, and some good news is that Brian Johnson will be ready for the Louisville game and could see action as soon as this week at UNLV.

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The Pokes have the defense to hang with most teams, but two things I did notice in their last game is that the Cowboys do not have the offensive power to keep up with most teams, and their defense had a tough time for the entire game. The defense gave up points late in the game was wearing down.


New Mexico is now 2-1 after getting their 2nd win over a Pac-10 team ever and on the road no less is an improvement. The play of Donovan Porterie is very impressive for the second year starter. Also Rodney Ferguson is playing extremely well averaging amost 100 yards to per game.

7. null

Colorado State had an off week last week and feel just because they are 0-2. The Rams have been impressive offensively with the exception of the untimely interceptions that Caleb Hanie has thrown. The season ending injury to Korry Sperry really hurts the passing game as Sperry was looking like a stud. We will know a lot more after Colorado State travels to the Univeristy of Houston next week.

8. null

They are 1-2 and their defense looks sporadic at times. They held Wisconsin to 20 points put then Hawaii hung over 40 points on the Rebel defense. The offense is not looking too much better with Travis Dixon at the helm running the show. The Rebels do look somewhat better then the past, but only have the one win so far this year.

9. null

Not sure what to say here. Chuck Long promised a better team and with 10 offensive starters back one would think there would be some stability in that area. So far the team has shown they can not stop any type of defense and can not move the ball with consitinancy yet.