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Week 3 Review

What a week it was the conference finally had a good win against a ranked opponent and it came as a surprise with Utah crushing 11th ranked UCLA. Lets get into the games

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This is probably the biggest games since the Fiesta Bowl game for Utah and the biggest win in the Kyle Whittingham era. UCLA was the highest ranked team for the Utes to beat since Colorado State was ranked 12th back in 1994. Also the Uts are now 9-0 against BCS opponents when they come into Rice Eccles. I am kicking myself for not going to this game, I had some family stuff so I watched on Versus yesterday. The first time I noticed the game would be different was when Coach Wittingham brought in Freshman QB Corbin Louk where it was just a QB draw play I knew with this change the offense was going to be different that day, and Louk threw a TD pass as well. As a side note is that all offensive practices were closed to the media, so something different was up. To sum the game up short is that UCLA had 5 turnovers and Utah scored on each one. The biggest play on defense came by Robert Johsnon when the game was still close when UCLA made a big play that should have been a touchdown, but Johnson dove after the receiver and knocked the ball out of the players hand and the ball goes through the endzone which was a touch back, and Johnson had 2 picks as well. For a defense that was to be not good this year, they really stepped it up yesterday allowing 6 points, creating 5 turnovers, and sacked 5 times.

As for the offensive part of the game the Utes had their first 100 yard rusher in 16 games when Quenton Ganther was a Ute. Darrel Mack who was to redshirt this year, but was called into action when Matt Asiata went out with a broken leg. Mack had 107 yards rushing and one rushing TD, and also had 2 receiving scores as well. Tommy Grady also looked like a good QB playing mistake free ball with no picks and throwing for 246 yards. The overall total yards were similar but turnovers is what did the Bruins in. As a note the Bruins were the most overrated team in football, my reasoning is because of the bogus stat of having 20 starters returning. While that is nice but just check this out: Utah State had all 11 defensive starters back and still have a poor defense, and San Diego State who has 10 returning offensive starters and still struggle to score.

24 14

While the Cowboys played Boise tough again it was just not enough as they fell short at Bronco Stadium. Wyoming was looking good in the first half by only being down 7-0 but then the third quarter Boise increased their lead against Wyoming. Ian Johnson had a decent day with 82 yards overall, but it was the Boise State defense that stopped Wyoming who did not score until the 4th quarter when down 21 - 0. Wyoming was held to under 300 yards of total offense and did not get anything going until too late in the 4th. I am kind of surprised about Boise State's defense because this was one of their better outings of the year, and as for Wyoming's defense they did their job in the first half but just could not keep the intensity going. Karsteen Sweed did through an intercetption that led to points in the game, but overall the Wyoming offense was lacking.

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All I can say is WOW! 1289 total yards and 102 total points. I knew Tulsa could score, but like this it is pretty amazing. The first half went back and forth for both teams with BYU taking a 34-31 edge leading into the half. The turn of the game came when Tulsa had a 49-yard interception return by Roy Roberts on BYU's first possession of the second half put Tulsa ahead to stay at 38-34 for good. The real thing that hurt BYU was the turnovers and penalty killing drives, plus the fact BYU missed 2 extra points and a field goal in the game. What surprises me is that BYU's defense is suppose to be really good and they give up over 50 points! Here are the two key stats that caused BYU to lose: 4 Turnovers and one for touchdown and 14 penalties for 138 yards.

29 27

This win was a surprise to me because New Mexico does not play well on the road under Rocky Hinds, but this time they did by beating Arizona 29-27. Sophomore sensation Donovan Porterie threw for 327 yards and three touchdowns Saturday night leading the Lobos to their 2nd win ever over a Pac-10 team. For Arizona Willie Tuitama passed for 446 yards, second-most ever for the Wildcats, and three touchdowns but the same can be said as the BYU game with turnovers and penalties. Especially the game clincher when Tuitama threw a pick with less then a minute left that sealed the game for New Mexico. The turning point was when New Mexico rattled off 19 points which included a field goal, two touhdowns and a safety. This is the second week in a row that New Mexico showed that they can play and compete against programs that are at or slightly above their level. New Mexico just took advantage of the turnovers by Arizona and came out with the win.

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Even an injured Colt Brennan was too much for the Rebels as he threw for 298 yards with 2 TD's in the air and 3 TD's running the ball. This was a game that Hawaii needed because their first win was against a I-AA team and last weeks win over Louisana Tech was far from impressive. Travis Dixon did lead the Rebels to a quick 7-0 lead over Hawaii and that would be the only lead they would have all game. Hawaii would go onto score the next 42 points. I figured this would happen that it would be a route because UNLV pass defense was not good last year and also this year has not been challenged all that much. Yes Hawaii can score, but their defense was stellar this game holding UNLV to just above 200 yards passing and their rushing defense was OK at 143 for the game, but no single Reble got more then 43 yards. There was not really a bright spot for the Rebels, but if I had to choose Aaron Stralten who had 5 catches for 85 yards. The area the Rebels need to improve on is their running attack, because with this spread option running is important, but in this game when they are down early I can understand abadoning the run game. To be positive the Rebles did hold Hawaii to under 400 yards passing.

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The Aztecs are in game 2 of their 12 straight games of the season and are 0-2 now and still have a tough time scoring points. One would figure that with 10 starters back on offense it would be better, but so far the Aztecs have scored only 27 points in two game. For the offense Kevin O'Connel was efficent but he averaged 4.7 yards per completion meaning that ASU was playing good corner coverage and once the ball was realesed to the flast or TE across the middle they were stopped right away, also the longest pass play was only 17 yards for the Aztecs. Also, worth noting that the running game is respectable at 143 yards for the game, but a question to be asked is why isn't Atiyyah Henderson doing better for the second straight game has been non existant in the offense. Again the achilles heel seems to be the rush defense for the Aztecs and in this game the Sun Devils ran for 268 yards and Keegan Herring ran for 161 yards averaging 8.5 per attempt. SDSU was keeping the game close throughout the first half until ASU went on to score 17 straight points to put the game out of reach 31-10 late in the third. The Aztecs just did not have the horses that night to keep pace with an average Pac-10 team for the whole game.