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Monumental Upset

I never would have thought the Utes could pull this one off. This is the highest ranking team Utah has ever beat at home since Colorado State in 1994 when they were ranked 12th at the time. Utah is also now 9-0 at home against teams from a BCS Conference. This is not a full review but Coach Whittingham brought everything out and out coached UCLA by using Freshman QB Corbin Louks to mix up the offense and it worked especially in the touchdown pass late. You have to give it up to DB Robert Johnson who had probably the play of the game when he dove and knocked the ball away from a UCLA receiver when they were at the one yard line and the ball went through the end zone and gave the Utes the ball because of a touch back. Also, Johnson had 2 picks in the game and then the running game was amazing with Darrel Mack who was to redshirt had 3 TD's with 2 receiving and then rushing for 107 yards and another TD. Hopefully this will propel the Utes to build off of this win for the rest of the season.