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Air Force 20 TCU 17

Oh that is right, and I am going to be the first to say it that the conference is not a 3 team race and there will be no undefeated team in conferene (maybe BYU). Look for Wyoming, TCU, BYU, now Air Force, New Mexico, and CSU to challenge for the title. I exclueded Utah for the time being they have an outside shot IF Brian Johnson can rescue the team when he gets back. As for the game last night, I am kicking myself about it because I have been sick and forgot to watch the game. I came in on that last drive that ended in the TCU throwing the pick in the endzone. Some thoughts about the game from what I heard and saw on highlight shows was that TCU has no offense and they tend to play it safe when they are up on opponents, and do not have the ability to score quickly if needed. The turnovers is what really hurt TCU with 3 total and 2 in the redzone, Andy Dalton did have his best yardage wise but had the mistakes that hurt the team.

The play of the game that changed everything was when the Air Force had 4th and short and the Academy decides to run the speed option to the right and bust a run 71 yards and a TD to tie the game. Then the play of the game was the intercetpion in the endzone by Air Force to force over time. The only gripe I have about Air Force wat the fact that they took a knee with 45 seconds left on the 20 yard line. Earlier in the game the Air Force Kicker nailed a 57 yarder, so I thought they should at least try. Then in OT TCU had a chance to go ahead and the kicker hit the upright and barred out, so Air Force took it easy and kicked the game winning field goal.

So far Air Force is my surprise team of the year they are 3-0 and 2-0 in conference play and look to be a legit to contend for a bowl bid and the conference title.