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Week 2 rankings

Here we go again with the rankings for this week. There is a new team on top this week and some serious movement by other teams in this weeks poll.


The Cougars move up on the list even after losing to the Bruins. The Cougars were generous enough to spot UCLA 20 points, but their offense is doing quite well and Austin Collie is officially back as a stud wide reciver. So for now I have BYU as the best team in the league

2. null

This was a tough one to drop TCU, but their offense is terrible! The only reason they scored a TD was because of the interception was returned. For how good their defense is, their offense is not and we will see if their defense can carr them through the conference.

3. null

The Poles hang on! There was a real scare when they played Utah State last week. This 2-0 is the best start under Joe Glenn here in Wyoming. The offense had to storm back to score the last 18 points to win, but a win is a win. Next weeks game at Boise State will be a good measuring stick for Wyoming to see how good they really are, and even though Boise is not ranked they are still a very good team.

4. null

I know they are 0-2, but I feel they are better then Air Force, and if it were not for turnovers the Rams would have natioanl respect and a 2-0 record. The lost of Kory Sperry is huge, but Johnny Walker and Kyle Bell are sufficent enough for the Rams. It is conceiveable that the Rams could be 0-4 after their trips to University of Houston and TCU, but be still be one of the better teams in the league.

5. null

The Falcons are a surprise 2-0 after outplaying the Utes in Salt Lake City in last weeks win. The Air Force rushing attack is still being utilize in their new option approach, but it is a far cry from the triple option that Fisher DeBerry used while at the Academy.

6. null

Wow what a week makes for the Lobos who dropped 44 points on their in state rival New Mexico State and got the win. The reason they are this low is because of inconsitency from game one to game two. Give me one more game to really determine how good this Lobo team is, because they could be playing to the level of competition.

7. null

After a great performance against Wisconsin last weekend the Vegas offense did not have one last drive in them to pull off the stunner. The Rebles are playing better then recent years, but the offense still is not putting up yards or numbres to go along with Mike Sanford's spread attack.

8. null

That game last was terrible with Air Force running up and down the Utes. This season is turning into a very bad one fast and injuries have been a huge part by not just losing players but their top players at key skill spots. Plus, with all the talent the Utes have something must be up with coaching because with all of the receivers that are so talented they are not progressing enough and that goes against the staff. We will see if the Utes can survive the UCLA game this weekend.

9. null

The Aztecs did play Wazzu close, in the first quarter. The secondary of SDSU is terrible as they gave up over 400 yards passing and 5 TD's against. It is one game, but Wasshington State is by now means a power in the Pac-10. This will be a long season if the Aztecs do not shore up that defense.