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Week 2 Review

Well this week there were surprises and disappointments, and more injuries for Utah. A couple surprises were the almost upsets from Colorado State, BYU, and UNLV all played well against ranked opponents.

California 34 Colorado State 28

This was an entertaining game throughout it was close early then Cal took a big lead then CSU stormed back with not enough left to get the victory. There were 4 big events that hindered Colorado State from pulling the stunner:

  1. The lost to explosive TE in Kory Sperry who went out in the first half with an injury
  2. Turnovers especially the pick Caleb Hanie threw in the first half inside their own 10, which then lead to points by California.
  3. A missed block by Kyle Bell that blindsided Caleb Hanie and caused a fumble at a time when the Rams were moving the ball well this also led to another score for Cal.

The Rams did out gain the Golden Bears, but the turnovers did them in and so did the Rams rushing defense that gave up over 200 yards on the ground. Positives show that the Rams can move the ball, but if Kory Sperry is out for too long the Rams could be in for another long season. Currently they are on a 9 game losing streak dating back to last season and it is realistically they could be 0-4 to start the season when they play at Houston next week and then at TCU the week after. The record either 1-3 or 0-4 they are much better then last seasons team.

Wyoming 32 Utah State 18

This game was much closer then expected with Utah State actually leading late until the Cowboys scored the last 15 to perserve the win. By no means was this game pretty Utah State is one of the worst programs in all of college football. Wyoming possibly could have been looking ahead to the showdown at Boise State next Saturday. Their defense played well giving up less then 300 total yards, we will see next week if Wyoming is a real player this year.

UCLA 27 BYU 17

This game was going all UCLA 20 - 3, but BYU mad a massive comeback to come up just short. In a game that was by some 'revenge' for Ben Olson transfering, Olson really was out played by Max Hall in this game. Hall threw for 392 yards 2 TD's and a pick while Olson threw for 126 yards and a pick. BYU was uable to run the ball hindered them early on as well as Hall's intercetpion that was later turned into a touchdown. BYU could not run the ball at all against this Bruin defense they only managed 44 rushing yards.

Air Force 20 Utah 12

The first conference game of the year and was a poor showing by Utah, in my opinioin. Even though the Utes have been hurt with injuries, but with a new coach and offense the Utes should have the game. The Utes were starting Tommy Grady who was making his first collegiate start ever, and as I said before when a guy transfers for not getting his way how good is he really. The first half Grady was terrible as well as no running game. For the day Grady was respectable going 20/29 240 yards a score but 2 picks, and those 2 picks were TERRIBLE both thrown behind the receiver. Oh and I forgot to mention earlier that star receiver Brent Casteel tore his ACL on a helmet to knee hit in the game. Grady in the second half did do well taking the Utes down to a TD late, and again on the last drive that stalled on the 2 because no Ute could run it in and this reminded me of the CSU game in 2005 when it was 4th and goal and nothing. I figured the Utes would win even with the injuries, but it was the defense that was terrible. Shaun Carney and the Falcon offense deystroyed the Utes defense for 334 yards rushign. The Air Force offense is different with less triple option but the run game is alive and they made the Ute defense look silly. Air Force looks better then most people thought and look possibly good enough to challenge for a bowl bid.

New Mexico 44 New Mexico State 34

What a difference a week makes for the Lobos who pile on 44 points in a solid victory over New Mexico State. The game was back and forth throughout until the 4th when New Mexico scord 17 straight points to take the lead for good. The man of the match was Donovan Portiere who tossed for 2 scores and 342 yards and zero picks. On the New Mexico State side Chase Holbrook threw for 473 yards 4 scores and 2 picks just a monster day. On the Lobo side 2 recievers had over 100 yards in Travis Brown and also for Marcus Smith, plus throw in the fact that Rodney Ferguson had 2 touchdowns and 118 yards rushing. This was trudly an offensive show with little defense to show which is a complete contrast from last weks loss to UTEP.

Washington State 45 San Diego State 17

This is not what Chuck Long wanted in the season debut for his Aztecs. The score was close during the first quarter at 10 apiece but as I suspected. Yardage wise the Aztecs were decent in thowing for 285 yards and rushing for over 114 as a team. A concering factor is that Atiyyah Henderson only ran for 16 yards and 3 cathches for 14 yards, and I found nothing to indicate he is injured. The secondary for the Aztecs got torched for 5 TD's against and 469 yards and worst of all 3 Washington State players had 100 yards or greater receiving. Penalites killed the Aztecs going 13-105 yards on penalites and stopping Wazzu on thirds downs was a probably when the other team is 7-11.

Wisconsin 20 UNLV 13

This was the shocker of the weekend with Vegas almost pulling off a monumental upset over 7th ranked Wisconsin. For a team that gave up monster points last year to do this is almost a win for the Rebels, but not quite. Travis Dixon got the nod again and played well going 23/36 258 yards and a score and a pick, but his rushing yards was held to 25 yards. The overall rushing game was down which hinders the spread attack UNLV likes to run. The last drive of the game is what hurt the Rebels they convert a field goal with just under 8 minutes to play to lead 13-12, but the last drive the Badgers drive down and take 5:40 in 10 plays for 61 yards and score the winning touchdown on a rushing score. Also the fact that UNLV gave up 210 yards rushing and 147 yards to one player, that makes it tough to win.

Texas 34 TCU 13

This was to be the test for the Horned Frogs to see if they are BCS worthy this year. The Horned Frog offense was without Aaron Brown it showed as TCU only was able to run 43 yards. The passing game was not much better for 203 yards. The only touchdown they could muster was an intercetpion return by Torret Stewart. The 3 turnovers by TCU and their 5-16 third down conversions doomed them. During the game TCU had tough times getting manageable 3rd down situations. The defense did hold its own by forcing two picks, but the rushing yards added up and so did the poor field position the defense had to work with and they could only do so much.