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Week One Rankings

Lets all line up and play how good is your team Everyone knows my preseason predictions, and that was how the teams would finish but these rankings will be how the team is playing right now. So here we go.

1. This is an obvious choice they shut out Baylor even without Tommy Blake who was out with some type of illness. Even with Freshman QB Andy Dalton the Horned Frogs looked good.

2.null BYU is in this spot because they dominated an Arizona team that was suppose to be good. Max Hall did look good in controlling the game offensively with Harvey Unga. That BYU defense was very stout only allowing 7 points and that was against their backups.

3.null Joe Glenn and the Pokes really got payback this year by crushing Virgina. Yes they beat an ACC team, but Wyoming in my opinion I figured this last game a sure win, and look for them to start off 2-0 when they beat Utah State. Look for their next matchup when they go to Boise State to be an excellent game.

4.null The Rams game could have gone either way and it was Caleb Hanies pick in the endzone in OT that had the Rams falling to the Buffs. The offense looked very good for CSU and the return of Kyle Bell was the key.

5. The new Falcon regime got of to a dominating over I-AA South Carolina State 37-3. The offense was different but the run game was very much alive by running for more then 200 yards. The real test is when the Falcons open up conferene play on the road to Play Utah.

6.null This is the highest that Vegas will be and the only reason they are here is because they beat a I-A opponent. Plus Travis Dixon actually played decent by throwing for about 120 and running for 120, but that was against Utah State.

7. Oh man where to begin on this one. The Utes now have no running game now and no good QB for the next month and they lost badly to Oregon State. The Ute defense can not stop the run so far and overall looked like a mess in the second half. I expect the coaching staff to pick things up, but for now the Utes troll the bottom of the conference.

8. What an ugly game the Lobos out play the Miners but manage only 6 points. The key to that game was being stuffed at the 5 yard line early on and kicking the field goal. New Mexico needs to find a way to put points on the board, their defense did well overall only 10 points.


When you don't play you are not going to be ranked. San Diego State has a brutal schedule with 12 straight weeks of games, and a team that should be improved gets to take on Washington State in their opener.