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Ute game TV update

Today I was setting my tivo to watch the Utah vs. Oregon State which is on Fox Sports. However I go to my TiVo and I live in Salt Lake City so it should be on Fox Sports Utah, and I go to record and it has some type of Home Classic game and NOT the Ute game. I check on Fox Sports North West and the game is on there, however I don't have the sports package and the game is blacked out in my area because of the area I live in. So, I called Dish Network to ask what channel the game will be on and I told them where I live and all the details. After being on the phone for about a half hour and the basically what the 'agent' could come up with is that the program guide is wrong? WHAT!!!! I will be pissed if this game is not shown in my area. I work that night till 930 or 10pm and I want to TiVo the game and watch when I get home. I hope the guide is incorrect and the game will record, so here is a heads up for those Dish Network Customers, and a side note I checked DirecTv's guide and got the same programing as well.