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Order of Finish and Bowl Projections

So the previews are in and here is the predicted order of finish.

    1. TCU
    2. Utah
    3. BYU
    4. Wyoming
    5. Colorado State
    6. New Mexico
    7. Air Force
    8. UNLV
    9. San Diego State

      I could see some ties in here with perhaps BYU and Wyoming tied for third and maybe Colorado State and New Mexico tying as well. For the Bowl Games here is where I see the teams playing in late December (below). Also look for a possibility if enough teams are available for the MWC to perhaps get a team chosen to go to the Bowl or the Motor City Bowl if there are not enough Big 10 teams that qualify, or for the Insight if a Big XII team is not eligible. I think the MWC will have 5 teams bowl eligible. The big one would be if the conference winner gets into a BCS game which would open up another spot for these bowl games.

      sdbowl.jpgSan Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl gets BYU

      nmbowl.jpgNew Mexico Bowl Gets Wyoming

      lvbo1.jpgPioneer PureVision Las Vegas Bowl gets Utah

      fw.jpgBell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl gets TCU