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MWC Leads Davey O'Brien Candidates

It looks like the conference has 5 of the 9 conference QB's included in the Davey O'Brien National Quarterbarck Award. The conference nominees are Air Force senior Shaun Carney, Colorado State senior Caleb Hanie, UNLV junior Rocky Hinds, Utah junior Brian Johnson and Wyoming sophomore Karsten Sween. Here is the criteria for the watch list

The award is based on All-America teams and Honorable Mentions published in at least six different preseason college football magazines. A candidate must be listed as an All-America quarterback or as a first or second team All-American within his conference in at least one publication, or as Honorable Mention in at least three publications. The O'Brien Award requires Selection Committee members to consider the character and leadership qualities of each candidate, in addition to athletic prowess when voting.