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Here is some determination

Here is a pretty good story from

the Des News about BYU defensive back Ben Criddle. He came from the JUCO ranks and came into the coaches office to see if where he stood, and Coach Mendenhall said he would not play at all if any. Criddle then makes a bold statement that he wanted to redshirt so

4446495.jpg that he could start the next season and then become All conference. This was pretty bold for this guy to do and he was not even recruited out of JUCO however he is half way to his goal he set that day. Criddle got the starting job that spring and recieved honorable mention All-MWC. He is hoping this year to make first team all conference this year. This is a nice story heading into the season, just because how many players go into the coach and say 'Im going to start and be all conference in my two years' that just does not happen. We will see if Ben can finish this up as he is part of a very good defense for the Cougars.